POSTED 08.03.18


Your Guide to GO Transit at Rockwell


Residents of Rockwell can look forward to a truly convenient commute to many of the region’s top destinations. With a GO Bus stop right up the street, and Acton GO Station just 10 minutes away, travel to Toronto, Brampton, Kitchener, Georgetown and Guelph have never been easier.

The current service levels are the result of a landmark $1.2 billion investment that expanded parts of the Toronto-Kitchener Corridor from 1 track to 3 tracks. GO Transit service provider Metrolinx also widened or replaced 16 bridges, build 7 underpasses and added 60 new Kilometres of track.

Ultimately these innovations have made for a 20% shorter journey and allowed for all day, two way service across the corridor, and that’s just the beginning.

Metrolinx is currently in the process of exploring future improvements to the corridor, including the possibility of providing passenger rail services directly to Pearson International Airport. These new improvements will further improve travel times and make Rockwell an even more convenient place to call home.

Current travel times from Rockwell on GO Transit can be as little as: 45 minutes to Kitchener; 25 minutes to Guelph; 70 minutes to Toronto; and 45 minutes to Georgetown.

With such incredible current service, and better things to come, your portrait of a more stress-free commute is just waiting to be discovered at Rockwell Estate Residences.

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