POSTED 09.25.17


Top 5 Reasons Your Kids Will Love
Rockwood Conservation Area


Try these great kid-friendly activities this weekend!

Located just a short walk, drive or bicycle ride from Rockwell, Rockwood Conservation area is a true natural gem that visitors of all ages are sure to love. This spectacular natural space is an especially big hit with kids, because there are just so many unique things to see and do here. While there are plenty of wonderful ways to enjoy Rockwood, here are our favourites to try with your kids this weekend!


#5 Take a Cave Tour

One of the most exciting aspects of visiting Rockwood is exploring the Conservation Area’s network of 12 natural caves — one of the most extensive cave networks anywhere in Ontario. Of course the best way to find all of these caves is to take a guided tour. Your kids will love crawling into these tunnels to get a first hand look at these beautiful geological wonders. It’s a fun day for kids of all ages, however, please note that kids under 14 need to be accompanied by an adult. Visit this link to see cave tours and other events at Rockwood Conservation Area!

#4 Play Mini Golf

If there’s one thing that virtually every kid loves, it’s mini golf. Rockwood Conservation Area has a fun and challenging course that the whole family will love. Beside the mini golf course, there’s also a playground, just another great way for your kids to play here!

#3 Explore the Historic Mill Ruins

The Mill Ruins are definitely one of the most popular attractions at Rockwood Conservation Area. The Rockwood Woollen Mills were established here in 1867 and operated until 1925. Today, only fragments of these original limestone buildings remain, but for kids this is the ultimate place to explore, play hide and seek, and get a real first hand experience of Canadian history.

#2 Go Swimming

If your kid loves to spend their summers in the water, than they will be sure to have a great time at Rockwood Conservation Area! There is a large sandy beach on the reservoir in the middle of the park. The water here is calm and shallow so it’s perfect for younger kids. However please be aware that this beach is not patrolled, so parents and guardians must keep a close watch on their children here at all times.

#1 Take a Canoe Trip

Visitors here love renting canoes and exploring the many interesting geographic features of the conservation area’s reservoir. Canoe rentals are available right by reservoir beach, and you can head out onto the water to see interesting rock formations, waterfalls, beautiful plant and wildlife and more!

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