POSTED 07.20.18


Your Guide to Getting Lost in History and Art at Rockwell


You’ll never be so connected to Canada’s heritage and culture as you will be when you have a home at Rockwell Estate Residences! With only a short drive separating you from a gorgeous day with your family spent strolling through a world-renowned sculpture garden or taking a once-in-a-lifetime scenic ride on an antique streetcar, you’ll quickly find yourself becoming an expert on local and national history. Keep reading to learn all about the unique museums and breathtaking galleries near Rockwell, and to discover just how connected you’ll be to our country’s roots when you’re living in your new home!

Guelph Civic Museum

This weekend, learn more about “The Royal City” of Guelph and its exciting history by visiting the Guelph Civic Museum! Located at 52 Norfolk Street in the recently renovated Loretto Convent, this brightly lit and architecturally striking museum celebrates Guelph’s natural history and culture through the use of interesting exhibits and exciting public events! You’ll love perusing the museum’s collection of over 30,000 artifacts and learning more about what the community was like through different periods in history. Your children’s favourite part will definitely be the museum’s Royal City Families Gallery, in which they can get hands-on with the exhibits and explore Guelph’s history through play. An added bonus: Admission to the museum includes admission to the McCrae House!

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McCrae House

One of the premier tourist destinations in Guelph and a point of pride for every Guelphite, McCrae House is a perfect choice for any visitor looking to learn more about Canada’s history and involvement in World War I. As the birthplace of John McCrae, Canadian author, soldier, physician, and poet best known for writing the famous 1915 poem, In Flanders Fields, McCrae House has been given the prominent designation of being a National Historic Site! The museum, located at 108 Water Street, features two period rooms designed to show guests what the space would have looked like when the McCrae family lived there in the 1870’s and gorgeous heritage garden perfect for a family picnic.

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Halton County Radial Railway Museum (HCRR)

Located at 13629 Guelph Line in Milton, the Halton County Radial Railway Museum is the oldest and largest electrical railway museum in Canada! Your family will have a blast being transported back in time by the museum’s impressive collection of antique streetcars and trains, retro subway cars, and rare Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) memorabilia. After exploring the museum, take a ride on the museum’s operational antique streetcar through the surrounding scenic landscape. The best part of the ride? It makes a very important detour to the museum’s famous ice cream shop!

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Art Gallery of Guelph (AGG)

Internationally renowned for its outstanding collection of over 9,000 Canadian and international works, as well as having the largest outdoor contemporary sculpture garden of any gallery in Canada, the Art Gallery of Guelph certainly won’t disappoint! Located at 358 Gordon Street, you’ll find yourself getting lost in the gallery’s collections, exploring gorgeous and thought-provoking photos, prints, drawings, paintings, and sculptures. After exploring the inside of the gallery, have a picnic with your family or take a stroll in the one-of-a-kind sculpture park! Before you leave, make sure you check out the painting, The Drive (1916), by Group of Seven affiliated artist Tom Thomson, as it is widely regarded as an important work in the Canadian art narrative.

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Hammond Museum of Radio

Teach your kids what life was like before WIFI and cell phones by visiting the Hammond Museum of Radio! Located at 595 Southgate Road in Guelph, this unique museum houses a collection of early radio and wireless artifacts, including World War I Signal Corps operator gear, and the largest collection of working Collins Radio equipment you’ll ever find! Another distinctive aspect of this museum is that its establishment was truly a labour of love! The museum’s entire contents were collected personally by Fred Hammond, who with the help of his brothers established Hammond Manufacturing, one of Canada’s oldest and largest electrical and electronic equipment manufacturer!

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Wellington County Museum and Archives

Located in the oldest remaining House of Industry in Canada, the Wellington County Museum and Archives is a National Historic Site originally built in 1877 as a “Poor House,” a place of refuge for the poor and homeless people of Wellington County. This striking historical building is located at 0536 Wellington Road 18 in Fergus and features exhibits focused on teaching visitors about the Canadian experience during the early 20th century, as well as an extensive archival collection relating to local history! There’s always something new to see at this museum, as there are tons of travelling and changing exhibits all year round! After your visit, check out the barn with your family! Having been built in 1877, this gorgeous building is original to the location and has its own incredible history!

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