POSTED 06.01.18


Rainy Day Activities Near Rockwell


Rainy days don’t mean you have to be cooped up inside your house. While we don’t get the same amount of rain as fellow Canadian
cities Vancouver and Halifax, we still have hot summer days with showers, so it’s good to always have inspiration to beat
the rainy-day blues. Good thing Rockwell Estate Residences is close to many indoor family-friendly activities to tickle
your fancy on this cloudy day. Take a look at our list of rainy-day fun by Rockwell:

Movie Day

As the rain patters outside your window, what better way to spend it than curled up with your family watching a new flick
on the big screen? In Guelph, there are a variety of different theatres like Galaxy Cinemas and Cinema 1 that plays the
latest films to enjoy while munching on buttery popcorn and sugary candy – but try to make it last until the movie starts!
So, whether you and your kids love heart-warming animated films that will make you shed a tear or hilarious comedies that
will leave you overjoyed, it’s guaranteed that they will turn your frown upside down on a rainy day.

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Indoor Rock Climbing

If you and your family are more the adventurous type, you will fall in love with Guelph Grotto Indoor Rock-climbing gym!
Offering a variety of climbing experiences for people of all ages and skill levels, they offer premium services like climbing
classes, day passes and summer camps to study climbing essentials. If you’ve always had a passion for climbing and want
to learn more, they offer an introductory class called Show Me The Rope for individuals 12 years and older. This two hour
lesson goes over how to get into your harness, tie knots and execute proper belay techniques. If you’re interested in learning
more about getting a day pass on a gloomy day or this is your first-time climb, you can call them at (877) 960-0124 or
book online:

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Old Quebec Street Shoppes

Want to get a taste of the architecture and feel of Old Quebec without having to go outdoors or travel far? The Old Quebec
Street Shoppes is a charming location in Guelph that houses a variety of different authentic patisseries, chocolatiers
and boutique shops. You and your family get to taste delicious goodies like hand-crafted chocolate fudges, decedent truffles
and fruity gelatos from The Nutty Chocolatier. To get even better, you and the fam can let your creativity shine with their
selection of workshops and classes at Muse Studio and Market. So, whether you’re looking for the perfect DIY craft to liven
up your new home or indulge in delectable goodies in their fine selection of sweet shops, your rainy day will never be
a bore at The Old Quebec Street Shoppes.

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Spring – Air U Trampoline

Spring your way into fun on a rainy day at Air U Trampoline Park in Guelph. This state of the art bounce palace is 10,000
– 15,000 square feet of trampolines and foam pits that is sure to cure your families rainy-day blues. If you’re feeling
like trying something new you have to check out their Air-Obics Fitness classes. These high-flying, instructor based classes
let you learn and improve on trampoline techniques like bouncing, jump squats, tuck jumps and power knees. They’ll also
spice things up by adding floor exercises like push-ups, burpees, mountain climbers and so much more to make sure you break
a sweat. If you’re looking to challenge your friends or family to a game in their dodgeball court or freely bounce around
at your own pace, Air U Trampoline is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Rockwell and is the perfect place to burn off
some steam on a rainy afternoon.

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Rainy days don’t have to bring you down. Your Rockwell community has so many exhilarating family-friendly indoor activities
that cater to all interests. So, whether you’re looking to relax with some delicious popcorn and sweets while watching
a new flick or stay active by rock-climbing and jumping on trampolines, Guelph has it all! To explore more about Guelph’s
prestigious neighbourhood, Rockwell, visit our blog.